The tail of a cat is a beautiful and amazing thing. Apart from it being a wonder of the anatomy of a cat, it can also be used to excellently convey the expression of a cat. Even humans that are obtuse the most are capable of understanding the secrets behind the behavior – “tail expression of a cat”, if you could – with some observation, your pet cat will increasingly love you, when you can understand what she is saying with her tail. The following are the facts associated with my most loved tail signs of cats and their interpretation.

  • The single tail flip

Each time I yell at Bella, my cat for being on top of the counter as I am preparing her food, she gets down on the floor and twitches her whole tail once. This is interpreted as being the cat tail remark equivalent of the smart-ass comment of a teenager and I quickly reply by saying, “Don’t twitch your little tail at me, you young lady!”

  • The tail hug of a cat

Whenever Thomas does climb onto my laps each time I am sited at the computer, either he drapes himself all around my arm or it settles in to get a snuggle while it has its tail wrapped around my wrist. This is what I call the “tail hug”. Furthermore, each time this happens, I melt.

  • Cat tail in the air

When Siouxsie and Sinead were little kittens, each time I open up the door to my apartment, they both would come running towards me, while holding their tails high in the air. Then they would quickly start purring and bonking their heads all around my shoes. When your kittens do this with their tails held high, it simply means that they like you pretty much and are really happy to see. It is a cat tail sign that needs some translation.

  • Cat tail with a question mark shape

A cat which walks towards you with their tails erect and having a tiny hook at the tip of the tail is saying “I am a friendly cat and I am a little bit unsure and curious. Can I approach you? This happened many times with the shelter cats I have, plus my own cat roommates were also fond of that the whole time that we had guests. The moment that you utter something such as, “Hello, darling,” while holding your hand out, the cat straightens up its tail and greets you with love and head bonks.

  • The tail tip twitch

Whenever you are petting your pet cat and the tip of the cat’s tail starts to twitch severally, it is an early indication that the cat has begun to be overstimulated and would like you to stop. Each time its tip twitches, you should obey this respectful request.

  • The cat tail sign with an exclamation point shape.

Whenever Bella becomes startled, it springs backward while instantly having her tail go full vertical with all furs standing fully on end. This is her way of saying “Eek!”  For the cat this does not really mean that it is terrifying, you startled her and she liked it. Each time I see her tail in the exclamation point shape tail mode, I mildly stroke the tail of the cat and ask her while her tail is all fat-tailed. Then she proceeds to give me stitches across the neck as well as ears while she defloofs slowly.

  • Playing tags with cat tail

Thomas completely likes playing tail tags with Bella. He usually flicks its tail to and fro, while looking wide-eyed at Bella all the time.  Bella becomes so excited and begins smacking Thomas’s tail. This is a video of a tail tag cat game in progress.

  • The hunting cat’s tail

Whenever my cat is trying to stalk it’s a best interactive toy or rodent, it crouches down with tits tails outstretched behind it. The tip of its tails, slightly twitches, making this look like the only way of discharging some of the adrenaline that is moving through its feline bodies.

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