Natural Remedies to Cure Your Dog's Bad Breath

No matter how often we try to avoid the topic, the reality is there. At times, we discover that our pet dogs have bad breath. Whether the dog’s breath smells or not, to get a durable and happy life, a dog’s dental health is essential.

Dental issues among dogs can become worse and cause fatal conditions when this is left untreated. These dental problems are increasingly becoming a killer of pets. Bad breath most often is one of the initial indicators of this problem.

It is very crucial not to hide your dog’s bad breath condition at all times. When the problem becomes severe, you should immediately pay a visit to the vet.

But, if your dog has bad breath because they drink straight from the toilet and you want to solve this problem, the following methods will improve the breath of our dog. Do not forget to check with your vet before any one of these natural remedies are tried.

Use crunchy treats.

You could use crunchy and healthy treats such as apples – ensure to take out the seeds! – as well as carrots serve as ideal snacks for the dog. These fruits also help in the breaking up of bacteria and tartar on the teeth, which brings about bad breath.

A daily dose of these fruits or other dog-healthy and crunchy snacks may be the ideal elements to help clean up the dog’s teeth.


Using fresh mint in this regard is excellent. It can be mixed with different recipes, or you could add it to water. In the case of humans, mint works pretty well with mojito.

For the dog also, the mint can be an excellent addition to the dog’s meal. The chlorophyll from this fights out all bacteria in the mouth and the digestive tract.


Whereas bacteria are the leading cause of your dog’s foul breath, there are some useful bacteria as well. They are called probiotics.

Humans have probiotics too. They are essential to help to dissolve food particles in the digestive tracts. Furthermore, the probiotics help control situations that are out of balance. This same thing happens with dogs too. But, in this case, ensure that you opt for probiotics meant for dogs.

Using Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very useful in solving lots of problems. Solving your dog’s foul breath is one of these problems. Coconut oil minimizes plaque development and dangerous bacteria. Coconut oil can also be used to counter gum disease and stop tooth decay. It is essential for total oral hygiene. Similarly, coconut oil can also be used on your dog’s teeth. It will keep them shiny and healthy.

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