Putting on a party for your pup is similar to doing it for a child. There’s lots of excitement, noise, games, food, presents, and perhaps a tantrum or two or some sort of squabble.

Here are a bunch of tips, hints, game ideas, and recipes to help you make sure your dog’s party is successful and fun. Be sure to read all these great ideas and advice so you can have the best and most fun party ever.

Where should you hold your pup’s party?

The place you have a doggy party is dependent on a lot of things, to include:

  • The time of year
  • Number of guests
  • How big your house is
  • If your yard is fenced in and safe
  • Amount of your budget

If you plan to invite all your pup’s doggie buddies and yet you live in a small apartment, it’s a better idea to plan a party outdoors or do it in a public area like a dog park or at a dog daycare.

Other options are to do it at a dog friendly beach, dog park, or at a dog obedience school facility.

If you pick somewhere outside, be certain there’s a lot of shade as well as sufficient water on hand. If you plan to do it outside, also be certain you have access to some place for the pups to go to the bathroom in a safe fashion.

What’s the Party For?

There are many reasons you may want to have a puppy party.  Here are a few suggestions or you can decide on one for yourself.

  • Birthdays
  • Costume/Themed Party
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Puppy Obedience School Graduation

If you are trying to think of a theme or some kind of costume party, then try to get creative. Did you know there are actually a lot of doggies birthday party supplies you can buy nowadays? For instance, if you choose a Hawaiian or pirate theme there are lots of costume and decoration options that are easy to find!

Or maybe you could do a surfing theme party at the beach? There’s plenty of great ideas so put on your thinking cap and see what you can think up.

Who Wil You Invite to the Doggie Party?

Though it is tempting to ask all your pup’s doggie buddies, be sure to think hard about the guest list prior to sending out invitations.

It is better to invite the pups your dog knows best and that he likes. You sure don’t want a dog fight on your hands at your party. If you maintain a good mix of male and female pups it usually makes things a bit smoother. Though if your dog is a young puppy, most of the time all puppies get along together, so it may not be an issue in that case.

Don’t forget about the puppy owners too! Make sure the humans all get along as well.

Think about these things when you are considering who to invite. Pick dogs based on:

  • Dogs living in your area who your pup sees every day
  • Dogs you both see all the time when you go to the park
  • Dogs from a dog obedience class with your pup
  • Dogs that belong to your family or friends
  • Your puppy’s siblings or their parents if you have stayed in touch with the breeder

Party invitations can also be made too! It’s fun to do it yourself. Or you can purchase ready-made invitations and then customize as you like. Plus, be sure to list on the invitations all the usual information, as well as if you have any special requirements the guests need to follow.

For instance, if you want the puppy parents to bring along their dog’s leash or that every pup brings a ball or some kind of toy to play with.

Puppy Party Games and Food

It’s not a party without some great food and some fun games to play! That will keep everyone both pup and human happiness. But be certain the food is ok for the pups to eat, as a lot of food we eat every day could be toxic to dogs.

Be sure to pick a cake that’s dog friendly or find a dog cake recipe to use for the pups. Keep the cake for the humans away from the pups as they don’t need the sugar, etc.

Next, think of some fun games to play for the dogs and the human guests.

You can also make your pup party even more special by having one of these doggie professionals on hand:

  • Professional Photographs
    Hire a photographer to take either candid or portrait photos of both pups and human guests. Then your guests can pick from the photo proofs when the party is done.
  • Dog Trainer
    Have a local dog trainer show up and give a couple of short basic obedience lessons or help you teach your pups some manners.
  • Grooming Demonstration
    Hire a dog groomer and let them do a demo. The party dog can be the model or ask for a doggie volunteer.

Keep Everyone At the Party Safe and Sound!

When you get several dogs in one place, along with a bunch of owners, it can be very hectic and crazy at times. That kind of environment could have the potential for some kind of trouble to happen.

Therefore, you’ve got to go around and pup proof the area of the party, both your backyard and inside the house. Be sure to do what you can to get rid of any potential hazards, or any other thing that could cause a problem way before the start of the party.

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