No matter if it happens within the same species not, relationships are similar since you need to ensure they develop and thrive. Any book you read on enhancing a relationship with your spouse, friend, or child all tell you pretty much the same things to do.  The following suggestions can additionally be applied to additional kinds of bonding situations, however, for this article, we are going to be talking about enhancing the relationship you have with your dog.

9. Communicate plainly.

Confusion and being misunderstood both ruins great relationships. That’s why you have to be perfectly plain and clear when trying to communicate with dogs. Use consistency when you are training your dog. For instance, dogs usually pick up on a visual signal faster than a spoken one, so remember that when training. Dogs notice the actions we take quicker so we need to watch how we do things around them. If you follow this, you will end up much closer and with a better relationship between your dog and you.

8. Add some love into your dog’s meals.

Just like with some people, if you want to make a dog love you even more, then feed them yummy food to show how much you love them. You can either cook your dog’s meals yourself or at least provide them dog food that has the best nutritional value.

7. Training your dog.

You can give a well-trained dog much more freedom than an untrained one. Once they know to come when you call them, that means they can spend some time off their leash. Or if you can train them not to steal food off your table, then they can be in the room while you eat a meal. Well-trained dogs are also less frustrated because they understand what you want them to do.

6. Get playful.

I entitled my previous book “Play Together and Stay Together” for a great reason. Researchers have noted that when parents and their kids play, they have a much closer relationship. That’s true with people and their dogs too! If you play all kinds of games and such with your dog, then your bond will be better.

5. Stay calm.

Getting mad, going nuts, or yelling only makes people upset and causes emotional problems. This is true even if it doesn’t involve the person getting upset. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, you need to stay calm and peaceful, then your dog will always rely on you to be calm no matter what.

4. You should learn additional things regarding your dog’s behavior, particularly its body language and the kinds of facial expressions that show he is stressed.

Whenever you understand the signals that show a dog is frightened or stressed out, it’ll be simpler to protect or keep them from the situations where they are not comfortable. Once your dog is able to rely on you keeping him safe, he will trust you much more and that will make your relationship much better. Lots of books have been written regarding this topic. Some of the best authors are David Grant, Suzanne Hetts, Patricia McConnell, Barbara Handelman and Daniel Estep.

3. Be certain to notice what you dog likes and doesn’t like.

If you really know your pet’s likes and dislikes, i.e. their favorite toys, the food they like best, etc., then you can provide what they truly want and they will see you as the source of everything good. Likewise, make sure you understand what they hate. For instance, some dogs hate things like someone staring them in the eye, scents like floral or citrus, sudden loud sounds, being forced to wear clothing, or even being hugged or patted.

2. Use touch with dogs.

Lots of evidence out there proves dogs are less stressed when they are touched, i.e. brushed, petting, or grooming. This was measured in some shelter dogs via seeing their heart rates go down and the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, go down as well, plus the good hormone that fights stress, called oxytocin, went up. That research caused scientists to conclude physical touch enhances the bonding between dogs and people. If you focus on the relationship you and your dog have, then it’s the most crucial part of your life with your pet. In the end, it is any desire to build up the economy by purchasing things for our dogs or taking them to the vet or wanting to have our clothing covered in hair that makes people want a dog. Instead, people truly love dogs and consider them a friend and even as a family member. Dogs enhance our lives in lots of ways. Relationships with our dogs are worth enhancing, even if they are great already there is always room for advancement.

1. Devote some time to be together.

Relationships are all about actually spending time with the other person or your pet, as well as sharing things together. Spending time with each other improves it, particularly if the time is spent doing things you both enjoy.

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