If you are sharing your house with a furry pal, the great news flash is research says you are undoubtedly cheerier and healthier. So what’s any bad news flash?  Your home may not be.

However, don’t worry! We have collected 9 best tips that have been tested and found to help keep a pet-friendly house fresh and clean.

1. Make sure your pets are clean

Does your dog look as if he’s waded through a mud bath? Now’s the time for putting a grooming schedule into place. It may seem obvious, however, if you get rid of dirt via grooming then it won’t dirty up your home. It’s not good to use shampoo on your pet a lot, but washing him off with some plain warm water makes a big difference. Be sure to make a wet dog stay in one place, i.e. somewhere easy to clean up like your kitchen or laundry area afterward, or totally dry them off with a towel so you don’t smell wet dog all day. You can use pet shampoo occasionally for thorough cleaning. Dependent on your dog’s breed, you may also need to trim them up or de-shed them but could need a pro to do a good job.

2.Upgrade the couch

If you don’t want to ban your dog from your sofa, you may need to get a new one. some types of material really attract hair, as well as hold in bad smells and stains. Try to find leather or some other material that is woven tightly. As a bonus, get one the same color as your dog. Or, if you can’t afford a new couch, at least get a blanket or throw and wash it regularly.

3. Purchase a good quality vacuum cleaner

If you have a pet, you need a vacuum cleaner meant to such up pet hair and get rid of smells. That requires very strong suction, as well as a great quality type of filter, along with a brush that pulls the pet hair out instead of merely gliding over the rug. Think about the floor material in your house, as well as if you let your dog get on the furniture. Try to also get a vacuum that works on upholstery.  If your dog sheds, be sure to vacuum every day. And don’t forget to clean out the vacuum filter because if it’s clogged it will not such up the hair and dirt and will just spread it around the room. Such is owning a pet.

4. Create a cleaning station for your dog

You may love your entrance area in your house, but it may not be the greatest when you are wrestling with a dirty and muddy pet. You could certainly put a station to clean your dog in a laundry area or try to figure out a way to use the entrance area. You will require a good quality heavy duty mat, wipes, and towels, as well as a spray bottle for water to wash off the dog’s feet. Add in some treats to show your dog he was a good boy and you are all set!

5. Clean The Dog’s Items Regularly

Everything your dog uses like their bed or toys or also their leashes, etc. will get permeated with that stinky dog smell. You must wash all of this regularly. See if they can be washed in the washing machine. If not, you can soak in your sink. If you wait for a warm and sunny day, you can dry the items outdoors, which helps to get rid of the stinky smells.

6. Search the cupboards to get rid of stinky smells

If you do not wish to buy lots of cleaning supplies, look through your cupboard to see what you have on hand already. If you have any upholstery or furniture that’s not simple to clean, did you know you can sprinkle on some vodka to get rid of the stink! Plus, you can use baking soda to get rid of bad smells and it’s great for sprinkling onto rugs prior to using a vacuum. Or, you can put some into a pan and leave in stinky areas to get rid of the smells. You can also use vinegar for cleaning things like beds and toys to get rid of odors.

7. Act Fast if There is an Accident

If you have pets there is bound to be pee or poop accidents from time to time. What can you do? Be sure to act quickly and make use of an enzyme-based cleaner for minimizing the odor.

8. Purchase a no-nonsense dog bed

When you check out the pet bed section in a store you will be bombarded by way too many choices, i.e. fluffy liners, etc. Don’t get fooled! Those are really hard to clean. Get one that’s water-resistant and simple to wipe off instead. Then you can clean it with a quick wipe weekly and air it out in the sun when possible.

9. Air Out Your Home

Relentless pet odors affecting your house’s energy? Once spring gets here, you can open the windows and air out your home. Even if it’s winter, you can do so for a few minutes and 10 minutes of fresh air works great to get rid of bad smells.

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