Do you have a passion for cooking, baking and spending time around the kitchen? I have to be honest – I don’t, really. However. I like to give some delicious treats to my baby cats frequently. In light of this, I have selected some simple cat treats you can do yourself which I want to share with you now. These delicious treats require mostly only some few quantities of ingredients, in the case that you don’t like to be in the kitchen, you only require a short time to prepare something for your cat.

Prior to you connecting the baking and offering of treats to your baby cats with the stated delicious goodies, remember that cat treats are similar to what cookies are to humans. They have excellent tastes and we like eating them, but they should not be eaten in large quantities on a daily basis. The same rule applies to treats for cats and their young ones – they should not be the main aspect of the diet of your cat. To be specific, treats should not exceed 5% of the daily meal of your cat. Take early precautions by limiting the amount of treats you serve your cat. It should be limited to 3 – 4 treats daily.

Tuna is a constituent of some of these particular recipes and it should not be served to young cats due to the quantity of mercury present in it.

Now, let’s proceed to making and baking goodies for the young kittens.

  • Homemade Cranberry & Chicken treats for cats from all roads lead to the kitchen.

Approved for cats and requires just 6- ingredients! This recipe meant the preparation of Cranberry and Chicken treats for cats from the home will definitely be a favourite among your cat pets. Check out the recipe at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

  • My personal Honey & Tuna treats for cats

It is not a bad idea to indulge your pets often with delicious treats. Most especially when the treats are made at home and its contents are obvious! It is a good way of connecting with the baby cats too. Check out the recipe here.

  • Catnip and Salmon treats for cats that are homemade obtained at the Cookie rookie

Is your baby cat an ardent user of catnip? They will fall in love with this delicious recipe! Your pets will literally kill themselves anyone of these delicious treats for cats that are homemade ate offered to them! Check out the recipe from the Cookie rookie

  • Recipe for cats treats that are homemade obtained from Mess for Less

Is your cat’s most favourite pastime eating? They will definitely fall in love with treats that are easy to put together! This recipe can be made easily while put in a processor for food and I just like the fact that it puffs up or rises, a bit during the process of baking! Check out the recipe for Mess for Less.

  • Recipe for Cats treats that are healthy and homemade obtained at Wellness Mama

There are a few ingredients that healthy and suitable for your cat that are present in the recipe of this treat including oil. Check it out at Wellness Mama.

  • homemade recipe for salmon treats for cats from Miss Molly Says

Even the most finicky cat will find these homemade crunchy treats for cats irresistible! With a slight effort you can bake a specified number of treats for kittens for nearly a part of the price on for regular treats for commercial , and you are aware exactly of what is been put in them! Check out the recipe from Miss Molly Says

  • Salmon treats for cats with 3 ingredients obtained from the Cookie Rookie

Having a fish-shape and crunchy, these treats for cats that are homemade will make your pet cats yearn for more! Coming with just three ingredients. You can quickly put these together. Check out the recipe from The Cookie Rookie

  • Self made pumpkin tuna treats for cats obtained from Animal lama

This is also one of my favourite recipes, posted on my initial pet blog Animal lama where I wrote on the blog with the subject matter of cat’s prior toy launching officially Meows “n” paws Included in the recipe are tuna and pumpkin. It is often a good way to indulge your pet on a frequent basis. (But due to the presence of the tuna, it should not be taken too often). Check out the recipe at Animal lama

  • Homemade Tuna treats for cats that will drive your cat crazy obtained from Supakit

With mixing of two ingredients (it is right-Two), the recipe treat that is homemade is easy, approved for cats and free from grains! I can see for sure that the kittens will fall in love with your pets. Check out the recipe from Supakit

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