Typically, most people around us have cats as pets. They are known to have affection, look adorable and they can be very useful playful friends. This is the reason why cats are commonly used as pets and why they are loved.

But, just with every other animal, keeping a cat in the home and raising it as a pet also has its own challenges like maintaining at all times, the cleanliness of the house.

Adjusting to the new lifestyle of having a cat as a pet is quite in stages but sooner than later, one will get to enjoy the benefits.

Let’s find some basic techniques involved in keeping the house clean while having cats.

1). Start cleaning from the floors

A very critical aspect of cleaning as well as sanitizing the home starts with cleaning the floors as this can be a core location for germs. Starting out, there is an advantage for cleaning hard floors than cleaning carpets because hard floors can be easy to clean than carpets. Sometimes there might be dirt held by the carpets weaves and they can be difficult to remove.

But then again, it is expected that you cannot alter the floor pattern in the house, just because of a pet. Fortunately, there is equilibrium with keeping a cat in the house as well as having floors that are covered with carpet.

Try as much as possible to always use a vacuum on your floors

The most important part of getting rid of unpleasant stains and smells is how soon you clean up the mess around the house with effective cleaning materials’

You should regularly keep within reach a vacuum cleaner for pets so that cleanups can be done much faster. This means a good carpet cleaner for pets is what you ought to get. But also put the loud sound of the devices into consideration to avoid waking sleeping pets.

Cleaning agents that are unharmful to pets

Once vacuuming is done, a cleaning agent that is highly functional is used next. Cleaning agents that are considered natural are what you should get so that it will not be harmful to the cat in the case that if it gets ingested mistakenly by the cat.

2). Keep clean the counters

Cats unlike most other pets can decide to stay in any type of enclosure. They can be found in locations like sleeping on counters as well as on tables.

Due to this, you could consider wiping down in addition to cleaning your counters very often, if your pet is a cat.

It is a mandatory thing to do because when cats shed, they have the tendency to scatter their fur all over the place. If the surfaces aren’t cleaned thoroughly, hairs from the cat can get into someone’s food and this has the potential for causing allergic reactions.

3). Routinely use a brush on your cat

As was mentioned previously, just like every other animal, a cat can shed its fur. To be able to reduce the furs dripping in your home, you should consider using a brush on their hair every other day.

And of course, it is a good means of bonding and spending time with the pet.

4). Dealing with the smell

Dealing with the odour from pets is like the most grueling part of having a pet around the house. It will not be a good look when there is a guest in the house and it smells like cat waste.

Therefore, active steps should be taken to tackle the smell rather than just trying to clean it afterward. In some way, these two solutions are done at the same time.

Try buying odour removers that are enzyme-based

The odour removers tackle the odour effectively by breaking the acids in the urine of your cat to little pieces. Therefore they don’t just cover the smell, they also destroy the smell.

Open up the windows

Frequently, we use air fresheners to hide the smell in the house. But we make a mistake by keeping shut the windows.

If keeping open the windows and airing out the house can be a habit, you are able to essentially enhance the odour quality in your house. Simultaneously, money is being saved by not purchasing air spray, so it is beneficial either way.

Changing the cat litter

The feces located in the litter box of the pet should be cleaned more frequently. This will stop lingering odour from moving around the home and moreover, it is a hygienic practice.

5). Consider bathing the cat on a regular basis

While it is important to fight odours, however, some of them will not be removed unless they are cleaned off. Oftentimes, the smell rends to be originating from the body of the pet itself.

Therefore, regular bathing of the cat or rather helping to wipe off all paws as soon as they are done walking outdoors can be helpful in keeping clean the house as well as important for the hygiene of the pets.

But also, you should note that bathing them more than is necessary can cause health hazards like rashes as well as other issues of the skin.

6). Keep the belongings of your cat separately

Easily, for your house to be kept clean, you should keep away the belongings of the cat from human items. This is helpful in trying to control their mess.

For instance, providing their own bed space means they would be kept to sleeping there regularly. So when they shed or make messes, it will only be limited to only that place. So in this case, rather than cleaning the entire house, you are only limited to the cat’s space.

7). Clean up your pet’s toys

Cats like very basic toys that they can play with. These toys should be washed regularly as it can start smelling and be a hub for lots of bacteria. The same thing applies to their beds, sleeping blankets as well as other clothes that could hold in hair in addition to dust.

8). Ensure you wash the pet’s collars

Overlooking the cat’s collar is easy. But if you consider it, the collar retains several quantities of dead skin, cat hair as well as any other thing the cat must have stumbled on. Therefore it is very critical to thoroughly clean up its collar every so often, simply due to the fact that the smell of the cat can be transferred to it.

And also, it is the only adornment that is constantly on the cat’s body so it is a measure of safety to clean this also.

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