Have you ever traveled with your feline friends? Some of these tips come from veterinarians, and others come from people with experience when traveling with cats.

  • Visit a veterinarian BEFORE you go.

It’s always a good idea to visit your vet before traveling. It’s essential to make sure they vaccinations up to date, and the cat is healthy to travel. Vets also offer excellent advice and traveling with furry friends and may advise you to have medication calm their anxiety throughout your travels.

  • Make sure you have a big enough carrier for the cat to stand in.

Make sure they are comfortable. In your cat’s carrier, make sure they have the space to be comfortable. The area should be large enough to have their litter, food, water, and a blanket.

  • Put familiar items from home in the carrier with your cat.

Use the cat’s blankets and other items that carry their scents so they can have something comforting while they travel.

  • Buy a case of bottled water before you head out.

This is a good idea for both your family and your fur babies. Also, remember to bring a water dish for the cats to use. I also keep a collapsible bowl in my trunk. In case I am out with an animal and forget to pack something (like across town or to the vets).

  • Make frequent rest stops.

Stop every 2-3 hours giving the cats a break! they can stretch, use the litter, and eat/drink. It’s also great for everyone a chance to stretch their legs. Don’t let them out of their carrier or leave them unattended.

  • Call ahead to hotels along the way to make sure your cats are welcome.

Sometimes you can drive straight to your destination. If you have to have nights in a hotel, remember your cats. Call ahead or ask during your reservation process if the cats are ok at the hotel, or if you need to find another hotel.

      7. Let your cat dictate how often he/she eats.

Remember, cats set their schedule when eating. This is the same for when they are traveling. Have food and water available. Make sure they aren’t too hot or show any signs of dehydration. Traveling with cats can be a safe experience for human and fur puppies alike.

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