You have likely noticed that living with cats seems to make you feel good, particularly those times they cuddle up with you, purr and feel so soft and snuggly. That’s why learning cats are actually great for keeping people healthy is likely not a surprise to you.

Several scientific experiments have been done that show if you own cats, you tend to go to your physician much less, as well as suffer less heart attacks and several other fantastic benefits. Here are five causes why cats keep you healthy:

5. Cats stop you from being lonely.

Maybe your cats can’t speak to you in your own language, however, it does provide friendship and love if you are by yourself. If you think about this, it doesn’t always take talking with someone to help someone to get into a better mood if they are sad, and at times the unrestricted affection and love our cats give us could be the only medication you require.

4. Cats boost fitness levels.

As a conscientious pet owner, you will desire to make sure your pet has lots of exercises, especially if your cat stays inside. Plus, while your cat keeps you healthy you want him to stay fit as well. Be sure to play a lot of lively and collaborative games such as running all over with one of those fishing pole cat toys he can chase. It helps you both bond, have a lot of fun, and you both get some exercise.

3. Cats help lower blood pressure and lessen stress.

Remember that time you had a horrible day at work, but then you got some together time with your pet, and you petted and loved on your cat? You likely felt a whole lot better, right? Studies show it’s very calming to pet your cat and it truly does make your blood pressure go down.

2. Cats can boost resistance to getting allergies.

If you are a bit allergic to animal fur and be near cats all day, you will soon get a tolerance to them. It is a fact that’s been proven that if your child grows up around cats, not only are provided with the noticeable advantages of having a pet – they also tend to get allergies or asthma much less often.

1. Cats improve a person’s overall mood and mental well-being.

If you think about all the advantages we’ve listed already, like friendship, exercise, and getting rid of stress, it’s simple to understand the reason cats assist us in being happier, calmer, and in better health, and more able to deal with life’s little problems.  Just think, the entire world would be so much healthier and have more fun if we all had a cat. Spread this info and we can lower the amount of all the cats in animal shelters.

Which of these health advantages have you undergone from living with cats?

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