These feline hacks are cool and simple to make! If you have cats, you should be aware of these hints tips!

You can talk to any person and all of them will say I’m someone who totally loves cats. I have owned cats from childhood and still do, and don’t plan on changing my habits. As I am a self-declared crazy cat lady, I have learned several things on making my life with my cats simpler.

Here’s a few of the top feline hacks we have discovered made our fussy cats happier. You should also take a look at some of our preferred cat toys you can make yourself, also!

I adore litter box feline hacks! You can hack IKEA baskets for an extremely beautiful looking litter box! Really, I would have never guessed you could hide a litter box in it. To assist your kitties in getting used to a litter box that’s enclosed, just take off the basket top for several days first.

Are your cats clawing up the furniture? You can create some spray cat deterrent with some water, dishwashing liquid and essential oils. It is simple to make up and it’ll keep your kitty from tearing up the couch. Feline hacks that stop our kitties from getting into trouble like this are extremely useful.

You can make sure your cat’s food stays fresher as well as make it simpler to pour out by using the following hack for cat food. Put the food into a water pitcher. Then you won’t have to hassle with bags of food ever again.

Hack a few doll beds from IKEA such as this ingenious Reddit user figured out to create some kitty bunk beds. They are super cute.

Utilize a rubber glove for removing kitty hair from the furniture. This hint makes it very simple, instead of attempting to use your lint roll on the whole couch, trust me. Plus, here are a few more fascinating kitty hair removal hints.

Indoor kitties don’t usually have to take a bath, however, if there’s a rare need for one, do not place the at into a bathtub unless they like water. It will only scare her since it looks like a huge amount of water. Use a small basin or a child’s tub instead, and your cat is not as likely to flog around.

Additional Feline Hacks!

Some cats don’t like to go outside, but they still might enjoy nibbling on a bit of grass at times. Special kitty grass is safe for cats, and it can be grown with no need for dirt. Merely fill up a container with a few growing pebbles and use this method to grow it inside.

Any kitty would love having an inside grass lounge. See how ecstatic this cat appears here!

Evidently, there is something hugely enjoyable about smacking your food all around when it being eaten… at least it seems my cat loves to do it. Why? At feeding time, I see tiny portions of kibble all over! A tray for their cat food is a brilliant method of keeping all that kibble in one place.

Add a few pieces of rug to some shelves to produce a cat tree which appears to look like decorations instead of something for your cat to play on.

Talking about playing, if your kitty appears somewhat bored these days, here’s an interesting trick with some ping pong balls in some water. The balls leap around on the water’s surface and cats get curious about that movement!

Is your cat litter scooper looking a bit old? I completely understand how that feels! It’s possible to create a new scooper out of a milk jug. Just take a hole puncher and make a few holes in it to sift the litter if you use the kind that clumps. Here is how to make a milk jug cat litter scooper.

This crafty cat mom reworked a cabinet to produce a litter cabinet to hold her cat’s litter box, treats and food. She put it into a laundry room to keep it out of her way, so smart. Now I wish I had a laundry room, but all we have is a closet for the laundry, so I can’t do that.

Is your cat the kind to say she wants pets, however if you try it, then she bites you?  Getting her a cat self-scratcher  could be a great solution! Mount some brushes with firm bristles onto a table leg and your cat is good to go and can rub herself on this scratcher all she desires, no matter if you are there or not.

Learning a litter box hack  for sifting is very helpful! Just drill a few holes into a litter box that’s smaller than the one you use, put that into the bigger one and all you have to do to get rid of the dirty litter is to pick up the small one and shake it. Most cats don’t like foil (shown in the video) so I think it’s better to use a plastic litter box instead.

One additional hack discovered is to use litter box products that are eco-friendlier. If you are interested in this, talk to the people at your pet supply store or your veterinarian for more information, as I don’t have the data on it.

It’s a good idea to do some out of the box thinking to come up with easy feline hacks. Kitties honestly are not as fussy about some things and only care if they have food, water and love.

Another thing which works great for bottle-fed feeding kittens is to gently wrap them up and then you won’t get scratched. They usually are doing a lot of kneading with their claws while they drink those bottles.

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