I will be the first to admit; I am a lazy person. I look for methods to live an unassuming life each time I am in the house. I am confident everybody can understand this. After working hard during the day, I look forward to living that lazy lifestyle of looking after my puppies. Therefore, to make things a lot easier for puppy owners, the following hack lists will give you just enough reason to be lazy.

1. Brushing the dog’s teeth

This is very important for the oral health of your dog. However, it can be challenging to clean your dog’s teeth properly. The alternative? Use an effective cleaning system that improves enzymes that naturally occurs in the mouth of your dog. This can significantly boost this cleaning process. It is useful in freshening your breath and can conquer tartar and plaque. These are the causative features of periodontal diseases.

2. Giving your dog fresh breath

When feeding the dog, you can easily add in several parsley snippets in the dog’s food. This will stop bad breath.

3. Use Laundry beds.

Use the laundry bag and the zipper to store any additional laundry you shall be having in it. Repurpose this as a temporary bed for the dog. Your pet dog will love you for it. Because, if your dog has their comfort and being surrounded by human scent, it makes them happy.

4. A toy for your puppy.

Are you tired after working all day at work, but your little puppy has lots of energy? Tie in a rope to the foot of the dog and watch it perform all the tasks.

5. Playtime for the puppy

Hide all the treats around your home to make your dog run through the house, looking for the treats while you sit on the couch and watch all your favorite programs.

6. Stop the fast-eating pup.

Throwdown a ball into the dog’s food bowl. Watch it slow down the dog as it eats; this will minimize the chances of you having to clean up when the dog messes up. Or worse having to deal with them, if they begin to choke from the food. Or you can try these slow feed bowls.

7. Grooming.

To quickly brush their hair, lightly rub the dogs down by using natural dryer sheets. If you use non-natural dryer sheets, the pup could suffer from a chemically-induced allergic reaction. Note: You should always inspect the labels of the product for their contents. You should ensure that you use what is safe for the dog.

8. Soothing the dogs during a thunderstorm

In the case of thunderstorms, your pup is not afraid of the sound, or the static trapped in their fur. Therefore, ensure that you make use of dryer sheets to get them soothed and get the static hair calm.

9. Creating dog parks.

If you do not want to be found outdoors, you could recreate the dog park and develop puppy parks for playdates in your home.

10. The fur cleanup

Do you take more time to vacuum the fur from your pup than time to relax in your home? Use a squeegee or some wet rubber gloves to obtain all the fuzz in a much shorter time.

11. Trim your nails

You do not have the time to trim your pup’s nails? You could get your puppy to use the scratching post such as cats.

12. Stop your dog from making a mess.

To prevent your dog from making a mess during feeding, make use of the plastic cereal packaging box or a pitcher. You can easily purchase this at a dollar store!

13. Using do-it-yourself treats

Are you looking to offer treats and home-made dishes, but you do not want to spend time over the stove? Particularly when you do not like doing this all by yourself.

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