Lots of human food exists that people would like to share with their dog, but some types are a better choice than a few others. Actually, some human food is poisonous to dogs! Yet don’t worry, some people foods are good for our dogs. Here’s a list of human foods that are actually healthy and fine for your dog to eat:

(However, feed them in moderation and be sure to ask the veterinarian prior to changing your dog’s diet)

12 – Oatmeal

If your dog isn’t allergic to grain, oats are a great healthy addition to their meals. Oatmeal has lots of vitamins, as well as fiber and minerals that are healthy for them.

11. – Apples

Apples are another yummy and healthy treat for dogs. They have vitamins C and A, as well as lots of phytonutrients. You can feed either with or without the skin, but be sure to take out the seeds because they have cyanide in them and that is a poison.

10. – Sweet Potatoes

Similar to pumpkin a mentioned previously, sweet potatoes have a lot of Vitamin A, plus fiber and additional nutrients. Plus it’s also easy to digest. Serve them baked or steamed and don’t add any seasonings or spices.

9. – Salmon

Salmon is another great treat because it is full of omega-3 healthy fats that are very good for your dog. It’s the same fish they use for making fish oil! You can give your dog cooked salmon with no added spices or seasonings, or you could give them salmon oil capsules. They are both healthy. But DO NOT feed them uncooked salmon, as it is not healthy for your pet.

8. – Green Beans

Vets recommend green beans if you have an overweight dog. Green beans have a lot of fiber, not many calories, and so they are filling and won’t make your dog gain weight, and are very healthy too.

7. – Eggs

You can give your dog either cooked or raw eggs as long as they are fresh. They have a lot of good healthy things in them. If you feed them raw eggs, you can even include the shell because that adds protein, biotin, selenium and riboflavin. If you choose cooked eggs, don’t add any spices or seasonings and just feed them plain.

6. – Pumpkin

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, it can be good to feed him fresh or canned pumpkin, but don’t add any sugar or spices to it. It is full of fiber and Vitamin A. If you pick canned pumpkin, make certain you are getting the plain pumpkin, not the pie filling type.

5.– Yogurt

Yogurt also has lots of protein and calcium, as well as digestive enzymes, so it can aid your dog’s digestive health. Be sure the yogurt has live active cultures, plus no added sweeteners and flavors and that it’s non-fat.

4. – Carrots

Carrots have lots of vitamin A as well as fiber. Plus they don’t have a lot of calories, so make a fantastic treat for dogs. And if they are raw, chewing on them is additionally good for their teeth. They are especially good to give as a treat if your dog is overweight.

3. – Cheese

(Hint: A few dogs cannot have cheese due to being lactose intolerant, plus you should only feed them small amounts of any dairy products.) But as long as your pet isn’t lactose intolerant, it’s fine to offer cheese as a snack. In fact, a lot of people who have dogs feed them cottage cheese! It has lots of protein and calcium, plus it can be digested simply and is bland on their stomachs.

2. – Chicken

Dogs can eat chicken offered in several different ways. It can be boneless, as well as cooked, as long as there are no spices and/or marinade sauces included. Or it could be skinless chicken, but never give a dog booked chicken bones! They can shatter and hurt their insides.

It is also ok for them to have raw chicken and even raw chicken bones if it is of good quality. Chicken can be fed to our dogs a variety of ways. Raw bones are chewy and soft, so they don’t shatter.

1. – Peanut Butter

This is a very good human treat for dogs, as it lasts a long time! And it has lots of protein, as well as vitamins like B, niacin and E, as well as healthy kinds of fats. It’s best to give them unsalted peanuts because dogs shouldn’t get a lot of salt, and really neither should humans. And be very certain the peanut butter isn’t a type containing a fake sugar such as Xylitol because that can kill your dog!

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