There are a ton of things you can do for healthy skin care after 40 that are actually quite easy. We’ve compiled them all right here so you can learn how to get youthful skin at 40. Memorize this list if you want to always maintain your effervescent glow!

1. Stash your products in the fridge.

Although experts are divided when it comes to upping the efficacy of storing products in the fridge, it definitely doesn’t hurt. Plus, not only will the cool temps feel good on a freshly showered, warm face, they’ll also help to temporarily de-puff eye bags and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Now that is cool.

2. Try dry brushing.

Don’t brush off this Goop-popularized exfoliating technique when it comes to the skin on your body—it’s actually quite an invigorating way to get healthy skin after 40 without using a cream, seeing a doc, or working out. Merely by using long strokes towards your heart, you’ll stimulate your lymphatic system and the body’s natural detoxing process, while also leaving your skin as smooth as silk.

3. Always wear sunglasses outdoors.

Your skin at 40 is especially delicate, so the more you keep your face from the sun and elements, the less wrinkles you’ll have. It’s that simple. Consider yourself shady.

4. Limit screen time—especially before bed.

Because your beauty sleep is so essential, turn off all screens at least an hour before bed. (Yes, this includes your iPhone, even on Night Mode). HEV rays, emitted from devices’ blue light, may damage skin in different ways than UVA and UVB rays—so keep tech time at bay.

5. And visit a pro facialist or dermatologist monthly.

A pro will tell you what to do and when to do it—taking out any guesswork out of the equation and leaving you with a complete regimen and a newly revitalized outlook on skincare.

6. Indulge in a regular facial massage.

You know how sometimes the best things in life are actually free? A face massage is one of them. After carefully cleansing both hands and face, spend 30 seconds gently using your fingertips, working your way from the center of the face out.

7. Consider the Mediterranean diet.

The Greeks got a lot right. Case in point: Their diet, rich in whole, fresh foods—including fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish—has been proven to have a litany of health benefits, including making your complexion glow.

8. Don’t layer on too much face makeup.

While the idea of foundation and concealer are to conceal imperfections, too much of them can definitely be a bad thing—if anything, you want to use a sheerer, hydrating tinted moisturizer as foundation. Concealer often settles into lines and wrinkles, actually placing more emphasis on them than if you hadn’t worn any makeup at all.

9. Get steamy.

The warm, moist air of a steam room will help open pores up, purging dirt and oil while allowing for the products that follow the steam to absorb more completely.

10. Look for skin-care products rich in peptides.

Take a closer look at the ingredient label when you’re stocking up on beauty products, and look for scrubs, essences, and lotions with skin-fortifying ingredients, particularly peptides. Ask any aesthetician and they’ll swear by the amino acids, essentially fragmented proteins. They’ll help skin become more resilient against any kind of attack—from pollution, cigarette smoke, or whatever irritants are lurking in the air.

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